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Free Customizable Planner

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to share this with you.

I’ve been working on this for a month now, and I even dragged my husband into helping, and it ROCKS. It is so cool. I am such a nerd, but I love it.

Every year I get a planner, and every year I have to write in the stuff I need it to have, like a place for a menu or a box for goals I have. It drives me crazy. I looked online and found some you could buy, but they were pretty expensive. If I ever have a lot of money, it’s something I would splurge on, buuuuut that’s not today.

So I made my own!!

It has monthly and weekly pages, a daily tracker for things I need to do daily, a space to keep track of bills I pay, slots for my monthly goals, a place to keep track of my weight and body measurement goals, places to write down things that make me happy or how my mood was that day, the whole shebang!

I’m in love!

Now, I know an Excel spreadsheet won’t be as pretty as some other planners, but I’ve tried to use colors and things to make it look decent. I tend to value utility over looks when it comes to planners, so sorry if cutesy if more your style.

Here are some screenshots of it so you can see:

Planner Month


Planner Week

Don’t worry, I did some print tests, and it should lay out pretty nicely, like a planner you buy! Once I printed it, I 3-hole punched it and plunked it in a binder and well…I’m still in love with it. I’m absolutely pleased as punch with myself.

Shout out to my husband and his fancy Excel skills though. I was killing myself getting things to update automatically (I inserted the weekly dates by hand for them to update) but he came in and wrote out some fancy formulas and NOW the planner can put in a weekly to do list from the settings page (if you do a specific chore each day, there’s one place to write it and it updates each week for you!) AND events that happen during the month! (List out all the birthdays in your family and they get automatically plunked into the right place on the month pages!)


Obviously, you may have to tweak stuff. I have a business to do section for some of my side hustle projects (oh gosh, I used the phrase “side hustle”, what is happening to me) but you might not all need that. Or “clean litter box” is on my morning list on my daily tracker…you may not have a cat. Just little things though, I hope.

Please also check the print settings, I made sure I wrote out what they were on the settings pages just in case the document doesn’t save what they were automatically for some reason.

But enough excitement and somewhat bragging (hey, I worked HARD on this, okay?) here’s the link to download:

FREE Customizable Planner

And don’t forget a cover for your binder! I have three designs, mostly in blues, because I like those. Cover C is black and white though. The sneak peeks below are in order, A-B-C, links below the pics:

Planner Cover A

Planner Cover B

Planner Cover C

Oh, and you can use this every year for forever. There’s a place (again, on my settings page) to change which year it’s for and even what day of the week it starts on. I think the week technically starts on Sunday, but my planners usually start on Monday…helps me grocery shop for the whole week instead of realizing I forgot to plan for Sunday…again.



I hope you love this as much as I do. Please, enjoy enjoy ENJOY!



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