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How I Accidentally Prioritize Silly Things (and How I’m Going to Change That)

What are your priorities?

Top of your head. Whatever comes to you.

You’ll probably think your kids. Your husband. Keeping the house clean. Normal life stuff. That’s what I think of.

It sort of feels like we have this obvious set of answers we fall back on. The things that should be our priorities, so we say that’s what they are. I’ve been thinking about priorities recently and how sometimes what I say my priority is and how I act on my priorities…aren’t the same.

For example:

My kid just drew me a picture. They’re tugging at my sleeve to show me. I’m doing a puzzle game on my phone and not listening. When I finally tune in and hear them, I ask them to wait for me to finish.

So which is my priority? My kid? Or my dumb puzzle game?

Too often, I find that my phone, getting the house clean, or getting some time to myself take precedence waaay over any of the things that should be my priorities.

What you spend time on is your priority.

When you choose to spend time on one thing over another, that’s what you’re prioritizing.

We don’t usually think about it that way, or, at least, I don’t. But I’ve been thinking it recently. And it makes me think I really need to up my game.

I need to put my phone down and listen to my kids.

I need to put the dishes down for a second and read my scriptures.

I need to get down and actually play with my children. When they ask me to read, we should read. When they ask to play, we should play. (Obviously, with some limits, because all play and no work isn’t good either.)

I should make sure that their dad and I are going on dates and are happy to see each other, because 1) our marriage should be a priority and 2) the kids should learn from us that our marriage is a priority.

I have so many great ideas for what I want to prioritize, but I just never seem to reach it. I spend a lot of time being lazy or just falling short in general.

…this is starting to sound like a real bummer, isn’t it?

The great thing is, we start over every day. Heck, we start over every second. Now is always a good time to change our behavior and make it better.

So what do you want to prioritize?

Here are a few things I thought of:

I want to spend more time building a relationship with Heavenly Father and Christ.

I want to spend more time being present with my children.

I want to spend more time showing my husband how appreciated he is.

I want to spend more time focusing on productive ways to play: like writing, or painting, or getting some exercise.

I have so many ideas for what I want my time spent on! I just have to keep in mind that there’s only so much time in a day.

And if I’m not perfect at it this go around? Well, thank goodness we don’t always have to be.

I’m going to make some goals for next year around my priorities. Well, the ones I’d like to have. And while I get those written up, I’m going to make an active effort to pay more attention to what I’m spending time on and do better at using it.

What things do you find yourself accidentally prioritizing?

What do you do to use your time more wisely?

Comment and tell me about it below!




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