I hope Thanksgiving was as good for your family as it was for mine! Wish I had any good photos for you, but…we ate everything before I thought to take any!

I used to skip straight from Halloween to Christmas when I was a kid. Turkey was great and all, but…Christmas! How do you not just LOVE Christmas?? The music, the lights, the tree…I get so caught up in the spirit and magic of Christmas. Maybe more the magic of it. But anyway.

Now, it’s easier to see why my mom always insisted we properly celebrated Thanksgiving. There’s been a lot of conflict about early American celebrations of holidays…which makes me a little sad, to be honest…because sure, the past is always questionable, but giving thanks never should be.

I probably didn’t do as good of a job as I should have at really emphasizing Thanksgiving to my kids. But Thanksgiving is so important. Giving thanks for all we have–thanks to our God, our families, our friends, our neighbors–is so important! I think we would all be so much better off if we really kept that “attitude of gratitude” with us always. Because seriously, how easy is it to be happy and kind to others when you remember all the things you have to be grateful for?

So here are some things I’m thankful for, in no particular order:

  1. My husband
  2. My children
  3. My children getting along with each other!
  4. The mild weather we’re having this fall
  5. The friendly people in our new neighborhood and new ward
  6. Old friends coming over for dinner
  7. My own weird talent of being happy on a regular basis, because not everyone has that ability
  8. Good food to eat
  9. Phones that let my family call each other
  10. Jokes about tomatoes on windshields (and other silly things that make me laugh)
  11. Parks close by to walk to and play at
  12. A neighborhood pool to swim in (I have to wait to use it, but dang am I excited to!)
  13. That most of my boxes are unpacked
  14. Songs on the radio that we blare and dance to
  15. Seat heaters (oooh seat heaters)
  16. TVs to watch movies on and comfy couches to nap on after big meals
  17. The time my grandpa put into making our family cookbook (because that thing is very well used!)

…and so so so so SO much more.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

(HA! I just noticed my banner only says Happy…well, it’s supposed to say Happy Thanksgiving!)

What sorts of things were YOU grateful for this year?




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