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2018 Home PreK Curriculum

Tot School, Kiddie School, At Home Preschool…whatever you want to call it. Teaching your 2-4 year old kids at home is hard enough without trying to think of something to do everyday.

Some people I’ve read about have a full preschool going on in their house…which is crazy. I love my kids and their education but most days it’s all I can do to get through one activity. So that’s exactly what I plan for.

I have one kid in actual preschool two days a week, so I’m just worrying about my 2 and 1 year olds, and since we’ve been kinda busy moving the last few months (clean the old house, pack the stuff, clean the new house, unpack the stuff…) my usual September to June curriculum sort of…died. Er, fell by the wayside, to be less dark.

SO I made a new one. But this time, for January to December, straight through. You can obviously start at any point, and if anything on there is confusing (meaning, I wrote out what I wanted to do in terms that only make sense to me) check out my Pinterest board. I tried to keep my keywords the same.

Alright! No further ado. Click on the image to open the PDF:

2018 prek curriculum

I warn you now…I am NOT a graphic designer. I’m proud of myself for color coding, honestly. And my super amazing Excel skills.

If you want and editable version, let me know and I’ll post the Excel version. PDF tends to be easier to print is all!


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